Content License

All of the video and sound content at Nurdy Movies are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License

The video player the page uses is the JW Player by Longtail Video which is also licensed under the same license. The version used on this page has been modified to read it's plugins from the server instead of the Longtail Video server, but is otherwise identical to the official version.

You can click the links above to get to a human readable version of the license (and a lawyer-speak one as well, if you want that), but the general gist is that you can download the videos, share them with people or even use them as the basis of something new, so long as what you're doing isn't commercial and your work attributes what you've used to me.

You can link back to the page where the data came from, the main nurdz site, or just provide some text that says where you got the original movies from. Sometimes the nature of the work makes this prohibitive; so if this isn't possible in your work, that's ok, so long as you don't take credit for the work yourself.

If you really want to use something from here in something commercial, you can send an email to me (poindexter at with "Nurdy Movies" in the subject and we can discuss other licensing terms.