Guitar Songs

This part of the guitar video page is for videos relating to complete songs. Currently there are precious few of these, but hopefully there will be more coming soon. I mean, I have to get better at playing songs eventually, right?

This is different than songs that might appear in the Guitar Shorts section as these videos may be in some way more produced, or at least complete songs and not just parts of them.

With that being said, songs that appear here may also appear at other places in the guitar page. For example, I did a blog video for Christmas '09 that included a fingerstyle rendition of Silent Night. That has been reproduced here, with only a minimum of talking before and after the movie.

Or possibly a song will appear in the shorts and also here, with more explanation as to what's happening or something.

It's hard to say for sure since I'm playing pretty fast and loose with what I might eventually get around to doing in the future.