Guitar Shorts

Sometime around the middle of May 2010 I got this great new idea for guitar movies! Well ok, maybe not GREAT. Still.

One of the things that slows down regular video production is all of the work (believe it or not) that goes into coming up with the information that will be conveyed and the editing of everything into the somewhat coherent nearly presentable results that you've come to expect from videos on this site.

This section will therefore contain only "Shorts"; short videos with a minimum of talking and other mumbo-jumbo, where we just get on with showing some song, song fragment, riff, melodic idea or whatever else comes to mind.

In theory such a video should be easier to produce, so that the only thing still standing in the way of regular video production will be knowing something well enough to try and video it.

What I'm saying is, don't get your hopes up, things might still be sparse. Still, at least there will be less of me talking, so that's a plus.