About the Nurdz

Nurdy movies is a part of the nurdz.com family of websites, where our motto is "Hey, look what we can do!". Ok just kidding (mostly). The history of nurdz is a long one, but a shortened version is presented here.

Way back in the mists of time the idea was to start up a website creation company with a clever name. Nurdz was settled on because of the nerdiness of the people involved and because back then I thought that spelling things wrong was hysterically funny. Also at the time the domain nerds.com was already taken by somebody else and nurdz.com was as close as we could get without taxing our brains too much to come up with something better.

Fast forward a short time and a realization was reached that in order to have a company that makes web pages, you have to be good at making pages that other people want to look at. There was also a realization that it is in fact not hysterically funny to spell things wrong after all, though by that point it was tragically too late to do anything about it. So the idea was quickly killed off in favour of just paying the yearly fee to keep the domain name without actually hosting a site anywhere.

Eventually I decided that since I had the domain, I might as well put a site up at it. Even if it meant that giving out the URL to the site involved having to tell someone about the "clever" misspelling of the single word involved. The first few iterations of the site were just simple (and rather ugly) homepages that didn't showcase a heck of a lot of anything. As time went on the pages started to get marginaly less ugly and marginally more interesting to people who weren't me.

Soon things started appearing on the page, only to vanish away after a short while. Things like funny stories and movie and game reviews used to be the norm at nurdz.com, but were eventually removed because funny stories are hard to write if you're not funny and it's hard to keep up with people whose entire job is just to make movie and game review websites.

I did settle on some things that I have more or less kept up (or at least, kept around) on the site. Things like pictures and pictorial adventures, various recipies and now this, the movie site! It's actually sort of a logical extension of the picture adventures section of the site, only allowing full multimedia adventures instead of just slide shows.

Like many nurdz projects, the purpose of the movie site has shifted since I originally envisioned it. Originally I was going to create a series of instructional movies about european style board games, one of our passions. This idea however came at about the same time as the beginnings of getting a little burnt out on all of the game playing we were doing. So that idea has been temporarily shelved.

The new general focus of the site is about guitar playing, food adventures, short movies that that are supposed to be funny and whatever other random things we think of to make movies about. It turns out that being witty on demand is a lot harder than spending some time writing out humerous content for pictures. Who knew?

Who they be

Depending on how you look at it, there are varying numbers of nerds around this place. Technically speaking the core nerd is me (Terence), who is generally responsible for getting things onto the site and viewable by others. A few years ago I got married to someone decidedly un-nerdy but nevertheless pretty darn awesome, Marisue. Some content updates are driven by her ("Take pictures of that and then post them!") and she sometimes appears in movies. You know her better as the "In Your Face!" girl.

There are also a couple of other possible nerds floating around, as I host their sites for them. They probably don't want to be mentioned here, for fear of being associated forever as a nerd. One of the sites isn't viewable by the general public. The other, however, is totally viewable but probably not viewed enough. It's entitled Frankster's Farm and clicking it's name will take you there to view the goodness.